REX Recording & Rehearsal Hall offers you a professional, state of the art recording facility set in a clean, comfortable environment.  We also offer a manager/engineer ​who has over 16 years of experience in the music industry.  For more info on our studio and engineer, visit the Studio page.

Hourly Rates

$50 an Hour (with a 2 hour minimum)

Block Rate - 10 Hours for $400

Demo Project

3-Song Demo - $595

5-Song Demo - $725

Album Projects also available call for pricing.


All recording services ​include tracking, mixing & Production.

Mixing, Drum Tracking, & Overdubs...

​There are many great advantages to having your home recordings mixed in a professional facility, by an experienced engineer. 

If you are working on home recordings and are interested in taking your project to the next level, you may be interested in our mixing, drum tracking, or overdub services.

​We provide our Do-it-Yourself clients with the opportunity to add live drums and other instruments to your recordings. You can also track your vocals and get a professional mix. 

In addition to mixing, we handle a wide range of editing tasks. These include: tuning vocals, editing audio, fixing timing issues, supplementing drum sounds, etc.

If you do your own recordings at home, call us and see how our services can enhance your project.

Demo Production
REX Recording Studio provides a wide range of demo production services for songwriters and artists.

We offer guitar/vocal, piano/vocal, and full band demos.

​We approach each song based on the direction of the writer. If you need help developing your material, we ca assist you with songwriting and composition. 

Album Production
REX Recording Studio can produce your album project from start to finish.  We work with full bands, choirs and single artists to create a professional recording ready for duplication and marketing.