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Receive your first hour free when purchasing two or more studio hours.  Offer not redeemable for cash value.

REX Recording Studio provides you with many affordable CD and DVD packaging options all produced in-house.  

We also offer creative graphic design, photography and other promotional materials guaranteed to get you noticed.

And, Ask about our new digital upload options to offer your music available online. 

When you write or record your song, technically, you have created the copyright to it.   By submitting the song to the copyright office, you’re protecting your music simply by legally documenting the date of its creation.

Publishing your music allows you to put it out there commercially so other people can listen to it. You can have a publisher publish your music for you, or you can do it yourself (self-publish). We will show you how to do both.

Rex Recording studio offers services to guide our customers through the copyright and publishing process.

No job is too small or too large. We have a full collection of audio equipment available and ready with experienced engineers who will work to ensure your event runs smoothly.  

We offer a Live  multi-track Protools Recording to capture your live performance or a two-track mix recorded directly to CD as you perform.  

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Enhance Your Music and Complete Your Sound

Once your recording is complete, our a True Tube Audio Mastering Suite is set-up to process your music a prepare it for radio quality using industry standards.

REX Recording Studio specializes in creating high-quality video productions for TV broadcast and Internet Promotion.  

We will help you share your vision and catch the attention of your audience in the most dynamic way possible.

REX Recording Studio offers a 1600 sq ft state of the art recording facility, using a professional Pro Tools HD3 recording system with top of the line equipment, microphones and outboard gear. 

We offer hourly rates, Demo Packages, Album Packages, Tracking, Mixing, Editing, Songwriting and more. Click the link above for more info.

Clean • Comfortable • Affordable

Our Rehearsal Rental includes the studio Live Room, Piano Room, Break Room, PA if needed and Bathroom.  

$75 per session
$225 per month

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